Gentek Consult

Gentek Consult is one of the leading engineering and design consultancies, with the depth and breadth of technical expertise to respond to the complex challenges of the world's major infrastructure and environmental design. Whether it’s the concept for a new skyscraper, the upgrade of a rail network, the modelling of a flood defence system or the improvement of a management process, it has innovations for motions.

p2m berlin GmbH

Distinguish p2m berlin GmbH, the engineering service provider for public and private clients. The breadth of its service spectrum enables the realisation of customized offers which aim to meet the needs and requirements of clients. Know-how and quality awareness are the guarantee of reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly realisation of systems and projects. Innovative problem solutions and a well-attuned team of highly-motivated specialists have established the important market position occupied by the company.

Kunhwa Consulting & Engineering Co., Ltd

Kunhwa Consulting & Engineering Co., Ltd. was independently established in 1990 as a representative company of consulting engineers and architects. Thoroughly experienced personnel effectively perform a wide range of engineering services under varying work loads and conditions, and the high quality of service has been recognized by a wide range of clients. The main fields of activity include road and transportation engineering, water supply and wastewater disposal river engineering and water resource development, dam and hydropower development, harbor and coastal engineering, urban and regional planning as well as other related works. Kunhwa also provides complete services while supervising construction, ranging form preliminary investigations and feasibility studies to planning and detailed designs. When necessary, the firm seeks specialized services from leading academic establishmets and other research organizations to augment its own resources for the successful execution of projects.

Emay International Engineering and Consultancy Inc.

EMAY International Engineering and Consultancy Inc., established in 1980, is one of the leading engineering and technical consultancy companies in Turkey.

EMAY provides design, planning, architectural, engineering and consultancy services covering different disciplines and a wide spectrum; in transportation, buildings, water and environment and energy fields of activity.

Their comprehensive services include all services required within the entire life-cycle of projects, starting from the first emergence of the project idea and feasibility study up to the commissioning. Thus, EMAY can be a single and comprehensive solution partner to its employers and clients without the need to look for another service provider.